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Locksmith 365 Rotterdam opens, repairs and replaces locks quickly, professionally and without any damage. Within 30 minutes we assist you at your doorstep.


  • Open your door lock
  • Repair your locks
  • Replace your locks
  • Place new locks
  • Repair locks with fallow damage
  • Make all your locks keyed alike


  • Available all day and night
  • Open all types of locks
  • Without any damage
  • Within 30 minutes at doorstep

Dozens of satisfied customers


Day price(08:00 - 20:00 uur)85 europhone010 890 6678

Night and Weekend price(20:00 - 08:00 uur)120 europhone010 890 6678

phone010 890 6678

  • 85 euro
    (08:00 - 20:00 uur)
  • 120 euro
    (20:00 - 08:00 uur)

Prices include call out and labour costs. You can pay with PIN, cash or via manual transfer.

Jacob Kol, Locksmith

Call phone 010 890 6678

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Today we already helped 11 satisfied customers

If you have questions or other concerns please contact us via or fill in the quotation form. Prices are excluded BTW.

How does it work?

  1. You are in the following situation: you are experiencing problems with your lock. It may be that you are not getting your lock open, or that your lock is no longer safe.
  2. You call us at the following telephone number: 010 890 6678 and explain your problem. Locksmith 365 Rotterdam is available all day and all night.
  3. Within 30 minutes a skilled locksmith (from Locksmith 365 Rotterdam) will be there. We have over 25 years of experience with the opening of all types of locks.
  4. We open the lock on your door, we will repair or replace the lock. We will do this fast, efficient and 100% free of damage.
  5. By a special control we verify that you are indeed the owner of the home or that you have business premises.
  6. With our extra service you can take advantage of a lot of benefits. For an example we provide anti-burglary advice (if you wish).
  7. You pay a fixed price for the performed work. The amount you can pay with PIN, cash or via manual transfer
  8. When Locksmith 365 Rotterdam departs after the quick proceedings, you can quickly get on with your daily activities. And you will benefit from up to 12 months of warranty on all workmanship.

We open all types of locks:


Rim lock

A rim lock is the main lock or extra lock to keep doors closed.


Side lock

A side lock is often added if the main lock is not burglary proof enough. Or when there is no lock at all.


Multi-point lock

This lock is the most effective protection against burglars, thanks to the multiple locking points in the door and the frame.

Key lock

Key locks are older and are characterized by the big key which you need to open it.


Cilinder lock

The most used lock in the Netherlands



1 or 2 of these locks are added for extra security.

Discover all the advantages of Locksmith 365 Rotterdam


Within 30 minutes in your neighbourhood

Do you want to be helped quickly? Locksmith 365 will be on your location as soon as possible. We guarantee to be in front of your door within 30 minutes.


Your door will soon be open

You want to get in quickly? We do surely understand that. Within 95% of cases we open your door within 8 minutes.

24 hours a day available

Do you need us in the middle of the night, early morning or late at night? Locksmith 365 is 24/7 available. Which means that you can call the lock smith at any time.


We use the right equipment for your lock

We do our job quickly and efficiently. The locksmith always carries the correct and most modern equipment with him.


No damage guaranteed

By doing our job, we will not cause any damage to your door.

Familiar with every lock that consists

It doesn’t matter what kind of lock you have on your door. We do have experience with all types of locks and can get all kinds of doors open.


25 years of experience

Thanks to 25 years of experience Locksmith 365 is a real expert in locks. More than 10,000 habitants of Rotterdam have experienced our service.

Our methods are efficient and very professional

We always use an efficient and professional method. Opening, fixing and replacing locks: we do it very properly.

Fixed low prices

Take advantage of the low fixed prices from Locksmith 365 during day and night.


Several payment options

You choose your own payment option. Do you want to pay with cash, pin or bij manual transfer?

Gratis advies bij het slotenmaker in amsterdam

Extra service for free

Our locksmiths are willing to give you some extra service. For example we help you from a squeaky or sticking door and we are happy to provide you with free anti-burglary advice.


Happy customers

We are glad to tell you that we have a lot of satisfied customers.

“Mijn team van slotenmakers en ik staan 24 uur per dag, 7 dagen per week voor u klaar. ”

- Jacob Kol, Slotenmaker